After just two years performing together this pair of ‘showmen’ from Barcelona are causing a sensation wherever they go with their ambitious and fun show. Fuck & Destroy are the resident DJs at Les Golfes Club, Tarragona where, week after week, their wild antics and vibrant mix of electro rock, electro, hits and rock & roll create a total party night.

Santos is a producer, musician and artist. Ever since he was small he has been on a mission not to live up to his name (Santos means holy in Spanish!) The other member of the pair, the Moustache, is a designer and lover of extreme sports. On stage he demonstrates the same passion – and gets as sweaty – as when he is skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding.

They have shared the stage with Silvia Superstar (The Fabuloso), DJ Ezequiel (RockNights), Legoteque (Apolo, Razzmatazz), Viktor Ollé (Crappy Tuesdays), The Zombie Kids (Madrid), Supervixens (Razzmatazz) and Les Castizos (RockNights). Fuck & Destroy push the concept of ‘electro rockstars’ to its limit with an incendiary performance that draws in and involves the public in such a way that they become willing playthings in the hands of two insatiable enfants terribles.